School Profile

School Profile


School Registration No: 2620073

School code: 04930

1.    Name of the School:          Govt. High School, I/A, Ph-1A,   Chandigarh.


2.    Name of the Head of the Institution-       Mrs. Surinder Pal Kaur


3.     Staff Strength-                  Teaching 50          Non-Teaching 6


4.    Is the MDM served
under Hygienic Conditions?                                Yes


Detail of Infrastructure:

a)    No. of student desks-                                   200 Sr.          100 Jr


b)    Wooden Almirah                                                  Nil


c)    Steel Almirah                                                         39


d)    Teachers table                                                       07


e)    Teachers Chairs                                                    27

6.    Additional requirement of furniture, if any?     60


7.      School Library Books:                                        3000


No. of Toilets.

b)    Staff                                                       2


b)    Students                                      Boys    2        Girls     2


Condition of Toilets:              All are working with proper cleaning and water facility.


    Are the drinking water facilities adequate?              Yes with proper water coolers.


    When was the school building white-washed last   ?                         JANUARY 2012


Existing School Labs:

1)    Science Lab                                                              1

2)    Computer Lab                                                          1




 Are Sports facilities adequate? –            NEEDS TO    BE UPDATED